The Rise of the College Drug

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The Rise of the College Drug

Adderall is booming among young adults throughout the country. Many call it the study-helper drug that helps students get through college homework and finals. High school students have even started taking this drug to perform better at school and to help them crank out projects. Approximately 60% of those who use Adderall use it for non-medical purposes. This is a staggering statistic seeing how this drug is handed out by prescription.

There is also a black market for Adderall. Many know that there is money in this drug so they will be prescribed the drug and not even take it. These dealers can usually make around 8$ per pill on a college or high school campus. During finals week, many Adderall dealers say that the prices skyrocket due to the increased demand. Students have easy access to this drug because they either know someone who deals out Adderall, or they might even be prescribed it themselves.

This drug does wonders with improved focus and alertness. Those who are not prescribed the drug may not know any of the side effects that come with taking it. Some side effects include: cardiovascular side effects, problems with the sleep disruption, stroke, and high blood pressure. What may seem like a harmless pill, can also cause many problems that some may not think of.

At Dr. Campbell’s off, we have many patients that have ADD and ADHD. Adderall is the most asked for drug and we do a thorough check of the patient before handing out any medication. Drug screening is also something that is taken very seriously at our office to make sure our patients are taking the drug that they are subscribed. This is beneficial for both the doctor and the patient and it makes sure that the prescriptions that we hand out do not harm the general public.

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